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Self-Development, Personal Discovery & Performance Training for Business.

Attention Experts, Entrepreneurs & Coaches

Want to stand out from the crowd, create powerful content, and massively increase your leads, sales, and profits?

You must learn to leverage the power of media and messaging.
For social media, podcasts, keynotes, TED talks, TV, summits, meetings

The ultimate competitive advantage is knowing how to emotionally inspire an audience to take action; to follow you, buy from you, believe in you.

If you want to expand your voice, this is the program you’ve been looking for.

People Will Forget What You Said. People Will Forget What You Did.

People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel.

Maya Angelou

So Stop Presenting And Start Performing

It’s time to upgrade your skills in this media-crazed culture

Stop presenting to just share information.
Start performing to give the audience a memorable experience.

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We live in a media-crazed culture where the success of your personal brand and business is now dependent on your media and messaging skills. Don’t get left behind.

You want a competitive advantage to stand out in your industry? This is it! If you want to blow up on social media, do a powerful TED talk, become a highly sought after podcast host or guest, get seen on television, or become a dynamic and memorable speaker on stages and in meetings, you MUST learn to awaken your Mad Genius.

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“Performance training is not just for entertainers anymore.”

Dr. Reef Karim


Mad Genius is a soulful shakeup! A creative jolt! Media skills will make you money!


Andy Yakub

Hands down the best business training I’ve ever taken in my life. And so important right now.


Susan Fitzell

Stop presenting and start performing! There is nothing like this anywhere!


Kim West

Mad Genius is the most powerful program I’ve ever done. It’s a life changing experience.


Sam Thomas

This training rocked me, and opened me up in ways I didn’t think possible.


Adam James



Want to stand out from everyone else in your industry who does what you do? 

Mad Genius is the most distinctive,
disruptive, and courageous version of you.

When armed with the performance skills to authentically express your message, and you, with powerful presence, you’ll engage, captivate, and entertain your audience on social media, stages, podcasts, brand videos, and television.

To Follow You.
To Select You.
To Buy From You.
To Believe In You

You’ll be seen and recognized as an innovative leader in your industry.



Why you should do this program


Creative Confidence & Performance Training for stages, videos, and meetings, is a skill that will last a lifetime.


Disruptive Messaging & Distinction Training is how you stand out as a forward thinking leader in your industry.


Powerful content creation is more reliable, cost-effective, and creates a deeper connection with your desired audience, than any ad. 


Insider techniques from the entertainment industry, and strategy from the advertising industry, is how you emotionally move an audience to take action; to buy, follow, select, and believe in you.


In this media-crazed culture, business training in performance, messaging, distinction, scripting, storytelling, and advertising, is the ultimate competitive advantage.



Distinction     Disruption     Performance     Conversion


Using existential psychology to stand out, differentiate from your competitors, speak from your soul, and overcome ongoing blocks and resistance.


Using creativity and neuroscience to come up with novel ideas, craft your disruptive message, and build influence and impact in your industry.


Using insider tips and secrets from entertainment and journalism to achieve creative confidence and emotionally inspire people to take action; join, follow, buy, believe.


Using advertising and marketing tactics for heightened audience engagement, pitching bigger media, and generating more leads, sales, and profit.

In this new media-crazed age, you must learn to leverage the power of media and messaging.

Don’t get left behind.

Media will make you money.



Do you command attention when you walk in a room, speak on stage, show up on video, or lead a meeting?

Why do the Mad Genius Accelerator?

You want to stand out.

You want to push the boundaries of your industry forward.

You want insider secrets to create powerful content and captivate your audience.

Imagine having the creative confidence, disruptive messaging, storytelling, and performance skills to light up any stage, create powerful content on video, and deeply engage with your desired audience.


The content creation skills of successful influencers

Disruptive and divergent messaging & out-of-the-box ideas

The distinction to differentiate and stand out in your industry

Positioning and brand strategy to build an engaged following

An original soulful message to share with the world

Camera, stage & podcast performance skills with creative confidence


Do you speak from your intellect like more presenters?

Or have you learned to speak from your heart and soul, backed by your intellect, like the most powerful performers, influencers, and thought leaders.

Where does your inspiration come from?



We’ve cracked the code on presence, performance, and content creation



Immersive Group Accelerator

A 10-week immersive group experience for experts and entrepreneurs to generate more visibility, influence, impact, and income, by heightening distinction, disruption, and performance training, to awaken your mad genius. Stand out and be seen as a dynamic authority in your industry.  



Weekly Group Strategy & Accountability

An ongoing network of business leaders, learning to leverage the power of media, led by Dr. Reef and his talented team of experts. Imagine being a part of an exclusive and supportive network, learning insider secrets for your social media, brand videos, keynotes, podcast interviews, hosting, ads, summits, interviews, meetings, TV appearances, and so much more.



Exclusive Private Coaching

An exclusive private experience, working with Dr. Reef Karim directly on your media, messaging and performance ability, to massively expand your brand and business. Reef will serve as your go-to media consigliere for all upcoming media opportunities. Enrollment is by interview and invite only.


The Mad Genius Accelerator is a powerful 10-week virtual experience that will give you the insider secrets to create powerful content that will captivate, inform, entertain, and emotionally move your audience.

You’ll work with Dr. Reef Karim, and his talented coaches and experts, to learn practical techniques from the Mad Genius platform, based on decades of experience, exercises, and insights from: existential psychology, business marketing, entertainment, advertising, psychology, and neuroscience.

You’ll Experience:




Powerful engaging content will pull in your desired audience naturally instead of chasing them with ads.

The next accelerator cohort will start in November 2023

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Personal Discovery + Personal Branding = Sales, Productivity & Impact

The investment for the 10-week Mad Genius accelerator experience is



The Mad Genius Mastermind is a weekly strategy and performance group, led by Behavioral Scientist & Award-Winning Performing Artist, Dr. Reef Karim, and his experienced Mad Genius coaches, along with special guests from the worlds of speaking, improv, comedy, hosting, television, podcasting, copywriting, and stage presence. 

As a safe and supportive place to learn, a place to practice, and a place to grow your skills, the Mad Genius Mastermind will help you create much more powerful, engaging, disruptive, and distinctive content to attract many more opportunities, build a larger following, and distinguish yourself as a forward thinking authority in your industry. 

Each week, you’ll learn new techniques, ask questions on media, messaging, and performance, shoot videos for social media and brand promotion, practice interview techniques for podcasts and television, and rehearse for upcoming media opportunities. 

The group has been invaluable to participants not only for accountability and consistency, but to build confidence, messaging, and the performance skills that will serve you for a lifetime. 


What if I want to work 1:1 with Dr. Reef Karim? 


Mad Genius Elite is an exclusive VIP program for individuals who want to make a massive impact in the world.

Enrollment is by invitation only so set up an exploration interview call now.


Lisa Koche
Physician, Entrepreneur

If you want to crush it on camera, if you’re looking for something different, so you can stand out and be remembered, I would highly recommend Reef’s program, Mad Genius. When I had the opportunity to speak on Tony Robbins stage, I consulted with Reef and he helped me with my opening, storytelling, content clarity, and most of all, audience engagement, and how to really bring people in. Mad Genius will make a good presentation absolutely amazing.

Brian Palermo
Improv Expert

I was so blown away by the integration of neuroscience, performance from the entertainment industry, and positioning and packaging from the advertising industry. Reef has dialed in something unique and powerful, a really original methodology to help business leaders become better with marketing, media, and performance, for pitches, TED talks, books, interviews and podcasts. It’s life changing.

Kate Vasquez
Health Practitioner

I highly recommend everyone awaken the Mad Genius in you because you’ll face your fears and overcome blocks, which is so powerful, and that’s how you really tap into your full potential. Mad Genius is not just how to be better on social media, you’ll also learn new techniques to improve your performance and connect with your audience. But, most importantly, you’ll learn so much about yourself.

Andy Yakub
CEO, Rayton

As a direct result of the Mad Genius positioning strategy, I closed on a 3 million dollar investment, and since utilizing all the tools in the program, I’ve raised over 10 million dollars for my company. I’m speechless.

Kim West
CEO, The Sleep Lady

I was blown away by this program; and I almost never say that. I can’t think of any business training program on messaging and media that’s so soulful, psychological, fun and performance based.

Susan Fitzell
Speaker, Author, Educator

I moved through two years of blocks in two weeks! The Mad Genius program is unlike any training I’ve invested in over the last twenty years. The quality is stellar

Jayne Dabu
Chinese Medicine Doctor

Mad Genius is an incredible transformational experience that will bring out the heart and soul of who you are as a person. It was life changing. You’ll walk away being able to speak your true purpose to each and every audience member so that every single person feels your message.

Rob Whitfield
Plastic Surgeon

We can’t build our audience, our tribe, without tools that really enhance our performance, and that’s what Mad Genius does. Mad Genius will transform you into a disruptive messenger. You’ll see your presentations turn into performances that will come alive. As a surgeon, I have an expertise; but connecting with an audience is not something I’ve been trained in. This program gave me the skills, the structure, the insight into myself, to convey my message with power and precision to spark a movement.

Christina Vesalek
Addiction Expert

I’m really happy that I made the decision to invest in Mad Genius because as a result of the program, my ability to speak and put myself out there is so much more powerful than it’s ever been before. And it’s just going to keep getting better. Right after completing the program, I attracted the opportunity to be interviewed on a major film documentary and now I’m ready. I learned how to express myself with confidence and clarity. This program gave me so much.

Dr. Sarah Murphy
CEO, Zuma Wellness

Mad Genius helps you authentically perform your content and dig deep into your heart and soul to discover your message and niche, and then build a movement around it.

Adam James
Music Producer, Recording Artist

The Mad Genius program stretched my mind in ways I didn’t think possible. It’s like The Artists Way meeting Business Training.

Sherilyn Carlton
Corporate Coach. Trainer

You’ll become a better communicator, a sought after media personality, and walk away a different person. A newly improved, confident, energized, and inspired visionary.



Whether your goal is to generate more revenue, build creative confidence, or expand your presence and authentically express yourself, enrolling in Mad Genius will give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.

You’ll be pushing the boundaries of your industry with new ideas, solutions, and skills, while growing your authority and status.

This training will help you enter the state of mind from which your most inventive solutions and most powerful performances will emerge.

The people most interested in Mad Genius tend to fall into these four categories:


Seeking to reinvent and build a culture of innovation and engagement


Seeking to give memorable powerful performances that inspire action


Looking for more influence, impact, creative confidence, and visibility


Wanting to be more disruptive and stand out from their competitors


Dr. Reef Karim

Dr Reef Karim’s mission is to elevate human performance in a toxic and limiting world.

By helping us Master The Madness and connect with our innate Mad Genius.

Interviewed by Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Anderson Cooper, and many others for his innovative approach to human potential, human performance, and expertise on the human mind, Reef helps experts and entrepreneurs all over the world to speak from their soul, develop their disruptive message, and unlock their inner performer, to be seen as a highly visible, influential, and impactful force in their industry. 

Award winning host, writer, actor, and humanistic psychiatrist, Dr. Reef Karim, is 51% scientist, 49% creative and 100% human.


As a double-board certified medical physician specializing in human behavior, neuroscience, creativity, and addiction; and as a performing artist; I am familiar with both the darkest corners and the expansive creative potential of the mind.

I created the Mad Genius program because I know the pain of not living up to your ability, of feeling like there’s something missing but not knowing how to change it, of feeling like you’re wasting your time, energy, and talent, because you have all this potential but it’s not being activated.

 Of having a really important message to share but not reaching the people who need to hear it.

The concept is simple.

Change the way you express yourself on videos, podcasts, stages and other media, to distinguish yourself, be more visible, and attract more opportunity

Experts and entrepreneurs need to learn a new skill; the ability to emotionally engage an audience by performing your content. Performance skills are not just for entertainers anymore.

The ultimate power of transformation doesn’t originate from your marketing, it comes from your presence, your essence, your expression, and what you stand for.

“I could write you a prescription but expanding your mind is way more effective”  

I first stumbled upon these Mad Genius principles in the midst of my own personal transformation. Once I saw how well it worked for me, I shared aspects of this methodology with private clients and patients at my treatment center. Once I saw drastic changes in them; in their confidence, expression, inspiration and skill, I started sharing this concept on stages all over the world.

My team and I now guide experts and entrepreneurs to be more distinctive, more disruptive, more engaging, and more influential, by leveraging practical insights from neuroscience, existential psychology, advertising, and entertainment.

The most successful leaders are not clones, they are originals.

 It’s time for you to be seen and recognized for your ability and original perspective.

If you’re ready to let out your Mad Genius, I’m ready to show you how.



Rarely do you see a scientist and award-winning performing artist sharing the same stage, let alone the same mind. But Dr. Reef Karim is an academic by day and creative by night who shows us how to Master The Madness and operate like a modern day Mad Genius.

Reef created the Mad Genius Platform for experts and entrepreneurs to expand their creative vision, get more distinctive and disruptive, and operate with the performance skills to engage and emotionally move an audience to take action in this media crazed culture.

Dr. Reef created the Master The Madness platform to inspire and empower us to tap into our distinctive, authentic, soulful expression by redistributing our innate energy (our madness) from stress, fear and conformity to creativity, originality, expression, and passion.

 As a humanistic psychiatrist and human performance expert, Dr. Reef served as an Assistant Clinical Professor as the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience for over a decade, published in prestigious medical journals, founded a highly successful mental health treatment center, and now speaks on stages all over the world.

Reef’s innovative work has been profiled in Time, Forbes, Business Insider, Oprah.com, and he’s been interviewed by Oprah, Anderson Cooper, Deepak Chopra, Larry King, and many others.

As an entertainer and award-wining performing artist, Reef has acted in many Hollywood feature films, television shows, and Bollywood movies including: Veep, Lost Transmissions, Lauren Canyon, and Flavors, among others. He’s hosted television shows on The Discovery, Science and Court TV Networks and worked as a consultant writer for the hit ABC show, Private Practice. Reef also performed stand-up comedy at clubs all over the west coast and trained in improv and sketch comedy with the Groundlings.

For his groundbreaking work in innovation, medicine, and entertainment, Reef was voted one of LA’s Most Fascinating People, and one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive (hey, smart is sexy!)


Reef Karim is a man of deep originality who employs an innovative mindset grounded in science, with creative prowess and transformative passion, to deeply change lives.

Gabor Mate
NYT Best Selling Author, Order of Canada Recipient Physician, and Healer

Reef Karim will massively expand your creative power. He’s a spiritual wise man and creative genius.

Eric Roberts
Academy Award Nominated Actor

Reef is pure talent in every cell of his body and his ability to translate that talent and ability through science and business performance in his Mad Genius Accelerator is so rare and incredibly powerful.

Mel Johnson Jr
Broadway Actor, Total Recall, Artistic Director

Dr. Reef Karim has the extremely rare combination of respected & accomplished physician, and talented creative artist, who utilizes his expertise and excellence in neuroscience, creativity, and spirituality, to rapidly transform lives. 

Dan Amen
5X New York Times Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur


This is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s mind blowing. I have come to know the real me. I feel lighter and highly creative. After just a few months in Mad Genius, I have accomplished what most people take many years to sift through and figure out.

Jon Giese, Entrepreneur and CFO

When I first started working with Dr. Reef Karim and his Mad Genius program, my life was dominated and driven by insecurities, indecision, negativity, getting in my own way, and being completely unsure of my future. And now I feel confident, successful, working in a job I love and engaged to a woman I love. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

Sam Thomas, E-Commerce Director

In an every increasingly pop psychology world, Dr. Reef stands head and shoulders above the rest. He is a double-board certified physician, highly trained, and highly experienced. He has built the Mad Genius philosophy for change and empowerment that absolutely works!

Stephanie Harmatz, Film/TV Production

Reef is like an emotional detective, expertly identifying my problematic behaviors with the precision of a behavioral surgeon. His real gift is his ability to really “see” people; to utilize his instincts, incredible training and clinical experiences to see the authentic person behind our defenses, to see our potential even when we don’t. In fact, I think he knows people better than they know themselves!

Sam Page, Fitness Trainer

Reef Karim is a creative genius and spiritual guide who conducts himself with humility and grace and leverages his tremendous knowledge to better people’s lives.

Miranda Landfield, Masters Student


I love helping leaders access their highest potential to move through the mental clutter and pressures of conformity to come up with great out-of-the-box ideas, expand their personal brand, and express themselves in the most captivating and memorable way possible.

To engage and inspire an audience to take action.

I believe there is genius in all of us





  1. exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.

Genius isn’t just about intellect. It’s about our ability to connect our innate and acquired skills with our personal experiences and imagination, to lead in a way only we can.

Along this journey, you may be misunderstood. You may be questioned. You may be called crazy.

People will tell you things like, “that will never work” or “you don’t need to that skill” because most people are resistant to change. They aren’t connected to their calling like you are.

Stagnation is much more comfortable than putting yourself out there.

But, deep down inside, people want to be inspired. They want meaning.

The Mad Genius has the skills and courage to be different, to move beyond old thinking, to challenge the status quo, to be a forward thinker, to authentically perform their message and extend their reach.

The world is waiting for your life’s work, but to get your desired result and contribution, you must be able to express you and your work to your audience.  For most, that’s a new skill.

We all have Mad Genius in us.  It’s time to awaken the Mad Genius in you.

More Mad Genius means more forward-thinking ideas, more innovation, and a world filled with originality and diversity of thought.

That sounds like a better world to me.

If you’re interested in learning more about this shift toward distinction, disruption, and performance, click the button below and schedule a call with me or one of my team to explore your Mad Genius.

 We would be honored to spend time with you.

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