Dr Reef Karim’s mission is to elevate human performance in a toxic and limiting world.

By helping us Master The Madness and connect with our innate Mad Genius.

Interviewed by Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Anderson Cooper, and many others for his innovative approach to human potential, human performance, and expertise on the human mind, Reef helps experts and entrepreneurs all over the world to speak from their soul, develop their disruptive message, and unlock their inner performer, to be seen as a highly visible, influential, and impactful force in their industry.

Award winning host, writer, actor, and humanistic psychiatrist, Dr. Reef Karim, is 50% scientist, 50% creative and 100% human.


As a double-board certified medical physician specializing in human behavior, neuroscience, creativity, and addiction; and as a performing artist; I am familiar with both the darkest corners and the expansive creative potential of the mind.

I created the Mad Genius program because I know the pain of not living up to your ability, of feeling like there’s something missing but not knowing how to change it, of feeling like you’re wasting your time, energy, and talent, because you have all this potential but it’s not being activated.

Of having a really important message to share but not reaching the people who need to hear it.

The concept is simple.

Change the way you express yourself on videos, podcasts, stages and life, to distinguish yourself, become more visible, and attract more opportunity

Experts and entrepreneurs need to learn a new skill; the ability to emotionally engage an audience by performing your content. Performance skills are not just for entertainers anymore.

The ultimate power of transformation doesn’t originate from your marketing, it comes from your presence, your essence, your expression, and what you stand for.

“I could write you a prescription but expanding your mind is way more effective”

I first stumbled upon these Mad Genius principles in the midst of my own personal transformation. Once I saw how well it worked for me, I shared aspects of this methodology with private clients and patients at my treatment center. Once I saw drastic changes in them; in their confidence, expression, inspiration and skill, I started sharing this concept on stages all over the world.

My team and I now guide experts and entrepreneurs to be more distinctive, more disruptive, more engaging, and more influential, by leveraging practical insights from neuroscience, existential psychology, advertising, and entertainment.

The most successful leaders are not clones, they are visible originals.

It’s time for you to be seen and recognized for your ability and original perspective.

If you’re ready to let out your Mad Genius, I’m ready to show you how.


Rarely do you see a scientist and award-winning performing artist sharing the same stage, let alone the same mind. But Dr. Reef Karim is an academic by day and creative by night who shows us how to Master The Madness and operate like a modern day Mad Genius.

Reef created the Mad Genius Platform for experts and entrepreneurs to expand their creative vision, get more distinctive and disruptive, and operate with the performance skills to engage and emotionally move an audience to take action in this media crazed culture.

Dr. Reef created the Master The Madness platform to inspire and empower us to tap into our distinctive, authentic, soulful expression by redistributing our innate energy (our madness) from stress, fear and conformity to creativity, originality, expression, and passion.

As a humanistic psychiatrist and human performance expert, Dr. Reef served as an Assistant Clinical Professor as the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience for over a decade, published in prestigious medical journals, founded and built an innovative methodology for a highly successful mental health treatment center, and now speaks on stages all over the world.

Reef’s innovative work has been profiled in Time, Forbes, Business Insider, Oprah.com, and he’s been interviewed by Oprah, Anderson Cooper, Deepak Chopra, Larry King, and many others.

As an entertainer and award-wining performing artist, Reef has acted in many Hollywood feature films, television shows, and Bollywood movies including: Veep, Lost Transmissions, Lauren Canyon, and Flavors, among others. He’s hosted television shows on The Discovery, Science and Court TV Networks and worked as a consultant writer for the hit ABC show, Private Practice. Reef also performed stand-up comedy at clubs all over the west coast and trained in improv and sketch comedy with the Groundlings.

For his groundbreaking work in medicine, psychology, and entertainment, Reef was voted one of LA’s Most Fascinating People, and one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive (hey, smart is sexy!)