The Mad Genius Accelerator is a 10-week immersive experience for experts, entrepreneurs, executives, and coaches, to expand and sharpen their skills in messaging, branding, content creation and authentic expression to generate more visibility, influence, impact, and income.

By learning new skills in personal branding and communication, and deepening personal discovery, you’ll, become more distinctive, disruptive, and captivating in meetings, on videos, podcasts, live events, and television. Our Mad Genius is a state inside all of us; our most elevated state of creativity, distinction, disruption, and expression.

The ability to captivate and engage an audience is a super power that will serve you for a lifetime. You’ll stand out and attract new clients and new opportunities in ways you’ve never seen before. This is the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

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The Mad Genius Mastermind is a weekly group, led by behavioral scientist and award-winning performing artist, Dr. Reef Karim, and his talented mad genius coaches.

Each week, you’ll learn new tools and techniques, and apply them directly to your own content; your own brand videos, ads, website banner videos, and social media content.

Imagine being a part of an exclusive supportive network of like-minded experts and entrepreneurs learning insider secrets to leverage the power of media and messaging.

Learning these skills will heighten your creative confidence, help you get more disruptive, come up with new ideas, and learn the performance skills to shine on social media, podcasts, keynotes, TED Talks, summits, ads, interviews, meetings, and television appearances.

This group has been invaluable to the current participants, not only for expert feedback on content creation, but also for accountability, consistency, and to upgrade the messaging, communication, and performance skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

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Mad Genius Elite is an exclusive 1:1 private business training program with Dr. Reef Karim in media, messaging, personal discovery, and performance.

Reef will serve as your go-to media consigliere for all upcoming media opportunities including: Keynotes, TED Talks, Summits, Brand Videos, Podcast Interviews, Product Ads, Investor Pitches, Client Meetings, Podcast Hosting, and acquiring and crushing ongoing and new Television Appearances.

Dr. Reef will work with you privately, in a virtual setting and select in person days, to help you build out your messaging, distinction, and massively upgrade your skills, while also helping you overcome blocks, resistance, and old thinking.

You will create highly engaging content, feel confident in upcoming media appearances, and heighten your presence and status in your industry.

If you’re looking for a game changing experience for your brand, business, and life, this is it.

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Mad Genius Advantage is a live event with ten renowned thought leaders sharing wisdom on personal discovery and practical life advice. This video series is packed with insight and exercises to live a bigger bolder and more meaningful life.

Imagine hearing wisdom from ten world-renowned thought leaders in their respective industry: creativity, spirituality, flow, energy, confidence, neuroscience, psychology, and so much more. Guests include: Gabor Mate, Joan Rosenberg, Michael Gelb William Li, Ari Whitten, Victoria Labalme, and many more.

Dr. Reef interviews ten thought leaders in this one-of-a-kind video series that provides many drops of wisdom and take-aways to live a bigger, bolder life to elevate your human experience.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Achieving Mental Clarity
  • Stopping Generational Trauma
  • How To Inject More Creativity To Your Life
  • Expanding Creative Vision
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • The Neuroscience of Transformation
  • Overcoming Uncomfortable Feelings
  • How To Live With More Energy & Passion
  • Discovering More Connection & Confidence With Body & Mind

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