Exclusive Private Coaching

Mad Genius Elite is an exclusive 1:1 private business training program with Dr. Reef Karim in media, messaging, personal discovery, and performance. Reef will serve as your go-to media consigliere for all upcoming media opportunities including: Keynotes, TED Talks, Summits, Brand Videos, Podcast Interviews, Product Ads, Investor Pitches, Client Meetings, Podcast Hosting, and acquiring and crushing ongoing and new Television Appearances.

Dr. Reef will work with you privately, in a virtual setting and select in person days, to help you build out your messaging, distinction, and massively upgrade your skills, while also helping you overcome blocks, resistance, and old thinking.

You will create highly engaging content, feel confident in upcoming media appearances, and heighten your presence and status in your industry.

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Over the course of a year, you will attract bigger and bolder opportunities, and develop the creative confidence and skills to be a highly disruptive and well-known leader.

If you’re looking for a game changing experience for your brand, business, and life, this is it.


One Year or 6 Month Curriculum
Develop Your Story, Why, & How To Tell Your Story
Performance Audit on Past Content (video, podcast, etc)
Overcome Blocks, Resistance, Habits & Old Thinking
Discover Your Distinction & Originality To Stand Out
Spark New Ideas & Expand Your Creative Vision
Learn To Emotionally Move An Audience To Take Action
Master The Psychology of Sales Calls & Public Speaking
Develop Your Transformational Biography
Apply Audience Engagement Strategies In Your Scripts
Shoot Your Videos With Feedback: Web, Brand, Social
Mad Genius Script & Performance Template
Procure & Pitch New Media Opportunities
And so much more...

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