Weekly Messaging, Content Creation &
Media Strategy

Imagine being a part of an exclusive supportive network of like-minded experts and entrepreneurs learning insider secrets to leverage the power of media and messaging .

Learning these skills will heighten your creative confidence, help you get more disruptive, come up with new ideas, and learn the performance skills to shine on social media, podcasts, keynotes, TED Talks, summits, ads, interviews, meetings, and television appearances.

No longer will you feel like you have an important message to share, but don’t have the reach and exposure it deserves. . No longer will you be dependent on, and spend, lots of money on paid ads with uncertain results.

The Mad Genius Mastermind is a weekly group, led by behavioral scientist and award-winning performing artist, Dr. Reef Karim, and his talented mad genius coaches, with special guests in messaging, improv, speaking, comedy, television, psychology, and stage presence.

Each week, you’ll learn new tools and techniques, and apply them directly to your own content; your own brand videos, ads, website banner videos and social media content.

By creating more powerful, engaging, disruptive and distinctive content, you’ll attract many more opportunities and distinguish yourself in your industry.

This group has been invaluable to the current participants, not only for expert feedback on content creation, but also for accountability, consistency, and to upgrade the messaging, communication, and performance skills that will serve you for a lifetime.


Website Banner Video

Brand Video For Products & Services

Story of Struggle Video

Problem Video

Epiphany Solution Video

Long Form Interview

Demo Podcast Interview

Television Expert Hit

What I Believe Video

Rant Video

Podcast Hosting Demo

And so much more...